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A Place for Outstanding Ear, Nose, and Throat Care in the Central Valley. Specializing in Sinus Surgery.

Tower Ear Nose Throat
Tower Ear Nose Throat

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We are located in the beautiful Tower Health and Wellness Center as well as Tower Surgery Center, which are conveniently located in adjacent suites. We are dedicated to proper ear-nose throat care and treatment, utilizing the best technologies in sinus surgery available.

ENT Problems We Treat

We treat Ear and Hearing Problems, Nasal Obstruction, Nasal Polyps and Tumors, Sinusitis Parotid and Thyroid Surgery, Head and Neck Cancer Diagnosis, Skin Cancer Removal, Hoarseness, and others. To find out more, visit the dropdown menus above.

Tower Ear Nose Throat

Nasal Obstruction

Nasal obstruction is common in the Central Valley. A deviated septum and enlarged turbinates or air filters is the most common cause. Outpatient surgery to reduce the turbinates and straighten the septum is very effective in restoring normal breathing passages. Filling the nose with gauze or packing is no longer necessary after most nasal surgeries. There are less invasive options as well. We also fix broken noses.

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