Medical Treatment Options for Hearing Loss

Tower Ear Nose Throat

Hearing Loss

Hearing testing is performed in a soundproof booth to give an accurate assessment of your level of hearing. We offer options for medical treatment, surgery, or hearing amplification depending on the type of hearing loss.

Outer Ear Infections

We see many fungal ear infections, which often do not improve with prescription ear drops. Ears are cleaned and examined under a microscope to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

Tower Ear Nose Throat
Tower Ear Nose Throat

Middle Ear Infections

Fluid in the middle ear, recurrent middle ear infections, and ear pressure can be improved with the placement of tubes in the ear drum. This can be performed in the office or the Tower Surgery Center.

Perforated Ear Drums

A hole in the eardrum will sometime heal by itself. Problems related to the perforation may be improved with a simple office procedure or a surgery called a tympanoplasty.

Mastoid Problems

Chronic ear infections may require a more involved surgery. Clearing the mastoid bone of infection or trapped debris from a cholesteatoma may require a mastoidectomy. This can be accomplished as an outpatient at the Tower Surgery Center.